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I Can't Sleep! Should I Get Up or Stay in Bed?

CBTi says get up. ACTi says stay in bed. So What should you do?

The answer is different for everyone. While CBTi can be very helpful for clients who have a tendency to spend large amounts of time in bed chasing sleep, it can be challenging for motivated individuals and people experiencing hyper sleep.

Hyper sleep occurs when extra stress and anxiety are present (essentially tired and wired). In hyper sleep the body yoyos between wakefulness and light sleep which makes it difficult to judge how long you have actually been awake.

This poses a problem in regard to CBTi as a strict CBTi protocol says to get up if you have been lying in bed awake for 20/30 minutes or more.

These clients often find benefit in ACTi which advises clients to relax in bed instead of getting up. What you ultimately chose to do depends on you (and even the night).

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