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Why try Insomnia Coaching (also known as sleep coaching)? Let me explain. Obviously if you have insomnia the goal is to sleep. Why do we want to sleep? To feel great and have abundant energy to live our best life of course!

Research has shown that the gold standard treatment for insomnia is CBT-i (although in recent years ACT-i has been gaining popularity). This is because, as you will learn, A LOT of whether or not you sleep has to do with mental ideas and attitudes. This is why most properly trained coaches (beware of anyone just preaching sleep hygiene) focus on one of these two cognitive disciplines.


You CAN Sleep. Let Me Teach You How.

While CBT-i and ACT-i have a lot to offer, they don’t work for everyone. Education, acceptance and proper sleep training will get most people most of the way there.


Maybe you like your life the way it is and are only interested in making minimal changes



If so that’s ok! Your sessions are about you and what you need to feel rested and healthy. This means that what tools we employ are entirely at your discretion.

Alternatively, you could be on the opposite end of the spectrum

After meeting many people with acute, chronic insomnia a pattern begins to emerge. Many (not all) insomniacs tend to be driven, motivated people and may display OCD, orthorexia, health anxiety, and/ or general anxiety. If this describes you, then it could be that you already do TOO MUCH and need a bit of guidance it tailoring a healthy routine that is effective, enjoyable and manageable.

Whichever category you are currently passing through, just remember, sometimes insomnia can take a while to correct. We can’t control sleep, it’s an autonomic process, and the more we try to focus on it the worse it becomes. At the end of the day, we just need to get out of our own way!

Because most people with sleep disturbances worry about their health,

I find it highly effective to focus on what I call “health hygiene” (consistent, healthful practices that you enjoy). This takes the pressure off, while giving some sense of control, and has an added bonus effect of making us much more resilient to insomnia in the future.


That is why our insomnia coaching sessions include breathwork, somatic movement and creative play along with more standard cognitive insomnia techniques.

Signs You Could Benefit From Insomnia Coaching:


3 Key Concepts:

While the exact sleep coach process can be different for everyone, success is based on 3 Key Concepts


Education and challenging your thoughts around sleep are key, but what is causing the insomnia??

Often it was just something transitory, a minor stressor that is now in the past, but sometimes insomnia is your body’s way of telling you that something in your life needs to be examined and possibly changed.

Are your hormones out of wack? Is there a conversation you need to have? A challenging decision to be made?

Any and all of this can affect your sleep so it’s worth examining to see where you are willing to make changes.

What To Expect:

This depends on what course or membership offer you choose. I currently have  4 different offers with varying levels of support and price points:



Both the Ultimate and Full Access Memberships offer bi weekly live private video/phone coaching sessions with me.

What to Expect From Live Private Sessions:

During the Initial Consult we will get to know each other, and I will gather information to help me help you.

Usually sessions are two weeks apart, this gives you a chance to enact any changes we agree upon (this is a collaborative partnership, and I will never dictate changes to you!)

In between sessions you will receive unlimited text and email support with a max response time of 24 hrs.

The remaining sessions will be a blend of education and personalized optimization.

What is Personalized Optimization?

You are an individual. That means I can’t just give all of my clients the same advice. It won’t work!

Throughout the program we will agree upon changes and try them out. If a change doesn’t work, for whatever reason, that is not failure! It just means we need to tweak things until we land upon a solution that is easy to implement and works for you.

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How to Know if Insomnia Coaching ISN’T a Good Fit For You:

These are our coaching stop signs. If any of them apply to you then insomnia coaching may not be appropriate for you at this time.


Note: If you have diagnosed mental health concerns or have recently come off sleep medication then all work will need to be done in collaboration with your doctor/ therapist..

Insomnia Coaching Programs:


Beyond Basic 30 Day Sleep Course


Top features

  • 1 Lesson a Day for 30 Days + Bonus Videos
  • Over 397 Minutes of Information Packed Video Content
  • Over 30 Practice Exercises
  • Download the App to Your Phone
  • The Latest in Sleep Research and Cognitive Techniques
  • Easy to Follow Lessons on Mindset, Intention, Mindfulness and More...
  • A Whole Person (Mind, Body Spirit) Approach to Healthful Sleep
  • Develop Your "Self-Coaching" Muscle, Learn to Accurately Identify Your Triggers, and What to Do About Them!
  • Learn to Filter Sleep Advice and Identify Which Solutions Are Right For You
  • Design Your Own Health Maintenance Routine
  • Currently the Only Sleep Course Developed by an Accredited, Professionally Trained Coach

Silver Membership


Top features

  • Beyond Basic 30 Day Sleep Course
  • Group Chat
  • Unlimited 1 to 1 Coaching via Secure Message/ Email
  • Access to Members Area
  • Monthly Challenges and Prizes
  • Connect with Other Members 24 hrs a Day in Virtual Living Room
  • Monthly Live Webinar/ AMA
  • Weekly Breath Play Podcast
  • Download the App to Your Phone
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Gold Membership


Top features

  • Beyond Basic 30 Day Sleep Course
  • Bi Weekly 1 to 1 60 min Virtual Coaching Sessions via Video/ Telephone
  • Unlimited 1 to 1 Coaching via Secure Message/ Email
  • Weekly Breath Play Podcast

Platinum Membership


Top features

  • Everything in Silver Membership
  • Everything in Gold Membership
  • For the Customer Who Wants Everything!