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How to Keep Stress From Taking Over Your Sleep

We all get triggered sometimes. Look at it this way, if life never has the opportunity to stress you out, then you are likely dead! Besides, do you really want a colorless, uneventful life where nothing ever happens? What would be the point? Emotionally charged experiences help us to learn and grow. Breathwork and mindfulness are wonderful tools to build resilience and help weather the storm, but they are not meant to be a frontal lobotomy! We all feel sometimes and often this does lead to disturbed sleep. The goal is not to repress our emotions, it's to learn to feel them fully, accept what is, and allow them to pass through (clearing the way for change as they go). Interested in learning more? Check out this FREE 10 Day sleep Course #insomnia #sleepcoach #sleep #insomniarelief #sleepanxiety #healthcoach #sleepconsultant #breathwork #mindfulness