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What is Yes And Theory & How Can It Help With Insomnia?

In a new environment this wk as a little kitten has taken over my office!🤣 As a society, we are taught to view insomnia almost as a disease, some inexplicable disorder that is happening to us and must be erradicated! But what if, instead, we view it as a symptom? A message from our body that something in our life is not working for us and requires our attention? If an incurable disorder is mysteriously happening TO us we are powerless, a victim, at the mercy of our malfunctioning bodies. When we understand that the body is, in fact, functioning as it should and that, although it may be uncomfortable, this message is actually a gift (because it guides us to look inwards and fix the things in our life that are not working) then we realize we are curious, powerful and in control of creating our best life.😊

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