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Should I Wear a Sleep Tracker?

Boy is this a controversial one! Not as charged as some of the nutritional conflicts out there (thank goodness!) but in the sleep world its up there! The problem with strong opinions is they don't leave room for other people's experiences and the last thing we want to do as practitioners is invalidate our clients. That is why any time a client asks me a question such as whether or not they should use a sleep tracker, the first thing we do is explore whether or not this would be a helpful action FOR THEM. As a general guide, if you are stressed about sleep and feel like you lie there not sleeping a wink, then it is possible that a tracker will shed some light on the situation and be very helpful. However, if you tend to stress over and compulsively over analyze data (putting pressure on yourself to get an A+ in sleep) then we might want to explore other options. Want to learn more? Check out my FREE 10 Day Sleep Course