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What is the Cause of Insomnia?

There can actually be many reasons for insomnia and the underlying cause can be different for each person. This is where differential diagnosis comes in. Say the average person has trouble sleeping. They might start off by asking Dr Google or talking to people they know, and they will likely get a wide variety of advice, some of it conflicting. Use a sleep tracker, don’t use a sleep tracker. Get out of bed if you can’t sleep. No stay in bed and rest. The sheer volume of sleep advice out there can be completely overwhelming. The problem is that we are all so busy giving advice that we forget to ask questions. Questions are important. There is a reason that any time you see a healthcare worker (traditional or holistic) we ask you a buttload of questions. Anyone trained in health is taught something called differential diagnosis. This is a process of asking questions to learn about the problem our client is experiencing and narrow down the likely cause. Using this information, we then give targeted advice that is applicable to that specific client. Without differential diagnosis it is not possible to give relevant advice and the treatment is not as likely to work. Want to learn more? Check out my FREE 10 Day Sleep Course #sleep #sleepcoach #sleepconsultant #healthcoach #vitalrest #sleeptips #insomnia