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Can You Breathe Yourself to Sleep?

This is actually a bit of a loaded question and the answer is nuanced. Unfortunately it's not as simple as just putting on a meditation/ breathwork video and magically drifting off. For breathwork (and mindfulness in general) intention is important. Breathing for sleep put stress and unrealistic expectations on your practice. There is a big difference between relaxing in the moment and desperately trying to force sleep. Anything done for the express purpose of sleep effort and should be avoided as it put unnecessary stress on what is essentially a passive activity. So the next time you begin your practice just notice. Is this something you are doing because you want to or is it something you feel like you need to do to sleep? Are you aware of your body and focusing on what you can feel or are you sitting there thinking stressful thoughts? Where is you attention? All of this makes a difference. To view the full video please go to Thank you for taking the time to watch today. Please follow me for more sleep snippets and practical breathwork advice. #insomnia #shortsvideo #shorts #short #shortfeed #sleepcoach #breathwork #mindfulbreathing #sleep #sleepanxiety #insomniarelief #insomniacs #sleepbetter